Oct 26, 2016


Golden skirt. A shiny eye-catching piece of wardrobe that matches with warm tones of autumn and is a perfect ace up your sleeve for upcoming winter holiday parties, because let's be honest, we don't have anything to wear when that day comes :p It's a real confidence and mood booster, too. You can find it here.


Oct 21, 2016

Blanes, Spain - Botanical gardens

11 000 different plant species from 5 continents carefully planted on the hill overlooking Blanes, a little coastal town that you could see in my previous post - here. Botanical gardens of Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa. Unexpected surprise, something like a real life enchanted garden, almost a century old, founded by German botanist, Karl Faust, and built with the views over the Mediterranean sea. All kinds of plants, from giant cacti to flowers that smell better than any perfume led us all the way to my favorite spot of this weekend trip, Linneaus temple, dedicated to this famous Swedish botanist. So, shall we go for a walk? :)

Oct 18, 2016

Blanes, Spain - Getaway to Costa Brava

It was raining cats and dogs. Too blurred train window only let me see a hint of palm trees dancing with the wind, while the gloomy sky and sea were blending in the most greyish shades of blue. The train was about to arrive in any minute and the rain was about to complicate our weekend getaway. When the train stopped, rain did the same and we were welcomed by the most fantastic and unreal shades of blue. The 4 km long sandy beach was almost empty and we already knew that tomorrow we would check out the hill that you could see from each point. Then the rain began again and we ended up in the coziest, most charming cafe. Welcome to this little coastal town near Barcelona, also known as the getaway to Costa Brava. Welcome to Blanes.


Oct 13, 2016

Spring state of mind

Long sleeves, bare legs. Yes, please. Another benefit of this Mediterranean climate. Black flirting with red. Aren't they meant to be? Flowers because why would you wait for spring? Spring is a state of mind and those who have it won't be bothered by a trivial thing such as grey, cold days that are slowly but patiently knocking on our doors...
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