Mar 31, 2017

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain #3: Is it a mirage?


When bright sunshine mixes with beige sand, its reflection makes the ocean looking almost like a mirage that you can see at specific points in nearby Sahara Desert. African wind makes everything wilder and dreamier and perfectly shaped waves makes you wanna be that surfer that's just put on his neoprene suit, he's grabbing the surfboard and is about to dive into the ocean. 
     Then the day comes to its end and golden foggy light makes the volcano ground even more black. Is it the mix of black rocks of La Pared and white sand of Lagoon beach, or the salty air sprinkled with desert dust? Is it the ocean, the vast space around you, the seratonin overdose naturally running through your bloodstream? Is that feeling a mirage? It must be. It must be a mirage...

Mar 28, 2017

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain #2: Explore. Dream. Discover


During our second day in Fuerteventura, we explored different part of the island and ended up in two villages and some spectacular viewpoints. First stop was Betancuria, the smallest municipality of Fuerteventura and Canary islands. What used to be former capital of Fuerteventura, now is a picturesque village in the mountain area, a surprisingly green part of the island, due to the fact that the majority of landscapes is either black and volcanic or beige and sandy. It was a perfect spot for the launch break surrounded with all kinds of exotic vegetation, green hills in the horizon and the sound of the carnival that took place in the center of the village.
     Our day ended in Ajuy, a small fishermen village with black sand beach, big waves and sea caves formed by lava which we unfortunately couldn't see because of extremely strong wind. Speaking about the wind, well, it was probably the windiest day of my life and I don't like it at all haha, but it was totally worth the experience and it made the whole day a bit more adventurous :)

Mar 23, 2017

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain - Everything you can imagine is real


I'm sitting on one of the volcanic rocks which number begins where the infinity ends and I'm looking this, too-good-to-be-true, turquoise shade that's disappearing in the Atlantic ocean. The calendar says winter, the temperature says summer. I'm still in my country, Spain, but much closer to Morocco and Sahara Desert. The wind is blowing in hundreds of different directions, there's just me, just us and the world. Freedom, wilderness, views and feelings that are making me so calm, like the most rewarding night sleep, yet my heart is jumping faster and faster. I don't know what's faster, my heartbeat or the wind, I just know that Picasso was right when he said - "Everything you can imagine is real". That's how it made me feel. 
     Welcome to the island which name means "strong fortune", "strong winds" and "great adventure". Welcome to the place where reality becomes something else, where you become someone else...
Welcome to Fuerteventura!

Mar 17, 2017

Master your destiny


Simple, sleek design and golden hardware of my new watch that's matching the chain of my vintage navy bag is my go-to combo that I've been wearing on repeat. Classic gold ladies is the name of the watch, a simple name that's behind Lord Timepieces brand from London that offers the finest luxury pieces at an affordable price, including both women's watches and men's watches. They're designed for people who aspire to be great, for winners and achievers. And we all want to be that person, don't we? ;)
     Everytime I look at my watch, it reminds me of a simple, yet powerful mantra that's behind the brand - "Master your time, master your destiny". A motivating quote that makes my balancing between what must be done and what I want to do, a little bit easier.
     If you're interested in buying some of the watches, you can get 10% off if you use discount code TIJANA.


Mar 7, 2017

Tarragona, Spain: Fun facts and travel guide


1. Tarragona is one of the most important cities of Catalan part of Spain and it's situated on the coast of Costa Dorada. It has the population of approximatelly 132 000 of inhabitants.

2. The easiest way to access Tarragona is by train from Barcelona for example (90 km). The train is very frequent, the ticket is cheap and you need only 1 hour to get there.

3. Tarragona is famous for its ancient Roman heritage and it was one of the most important cities on the Iberian Peninsula. In that period its name was Tarraco

4. The tallest point of the city is the cathedral from 12th cenutry and it was made of stones from the Roman amphitheatre.

5. The seaside apmhitheatre is one of the symbols of the city. It's situated below the Balcony of the Mediterranean which you could see in my previous blog post (HERE) where I told you that if you touch the iron fence, it should bring you luck. The views are breathatking.

6. Probably the most peculiar Roman monument is the aqueduct also knows as Devil's Bridge. It was built in the era of emperior Augusutus. The legend says that the Devil built it after winning a bet in which a fair lady bet her soul. The aqueduct was 25 km long.

7. If you visit Tarragona in August, you can't miss the festival and famous hundreds of years old tradition od Castellers - people who build human pyramids.

8. My recommendations to visit: all the Roman heritage (amphitheatre, circus, walls, etc.), Miracle Beach, Rambla Nova promenade, medieval old town and its narrow alleys, the cathedral (especially its gardens), Balcony of the Mediterranean, Paseo de las Palmeras.

9. Tarragona is famous for its surroundings and blue flag beaches. It's located near very popular resort of Salou. From there you can easily access Port Aventura, one of the most famous theme parks in Europe.

10. Food for thought: I will remember this weekend in Tarragona not just because of the great time we had while discovering the beauty of the city, but also because of very, very strange noise that was coming from our hotel room. I don't have a logical explanation but it's an experience that has never happened to before despite the fact that I've stayed at numerous hotels. Did you maybe experience something similar? :D

Thank you for joining me in this little virtual trip to Tarragona. Soon I'll be taking you to new destinations... :)


Mar 1, 2017

Tarragona, Spain - Balcony of the Mediterranean

While we're impatiently waiting for our upcoming trips for this year, we decided to make the waiting less boring and go for a quick weekend escape and visit Tarragona, only 1 hour by train from Barcelona. I've been in Tarragona a couple of times before and I always get enchanted by this Spanish beauty that feels like mini Rome looking over the Mediterranean. 
     What used to be Tarraco in ancient Roman times and one of the most important Roman settlements on the Iberian Peninsula, nowadays is a buzzing city that at the same time feels very calming. A perfect mix of ancient Roman monuments and remains, narrow colorful streets and city's position above the sea will enchant even the pickiest traveler. 
     Today I'm going to show you my favorite part, a huge open promenade above the sea, known as the Balcony of the Mediterranean. You can see the port of Tarragona, a beach called Miracle and Roman amphitheatre snuggled between Mediterranean greenery and vast blue horizon. An urban legends says that if you touch the iron fence, it will bring you luck. Who knows... ;)

...Stay tuned for part 2...

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