Nov 29, 2016

Madrid, Spain: Fun facts

1. Madrid has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century and it has over 3 million of inhabitants.

2. Madrid is located 650 m above the sea level which makes it the highest capital city in Europe.

3. The name Madrid comes from the Arabic word magerit which means "place of abundant water". The people of Madrid are called gatos - "cats" because of their ability to climb the walls like cats during the Arabic invasions in 11th century.

4. The oldest monument in the city is Temple of Debod, an Egyptian temple built in 200 BC. It was donated to Spain in 1968. The biggest building in Madrid is The Royal Palace with 3000 rooms, but he Spanish king and the rest of the royal family don't reside in the palace.

5. The symbol of Madrid is a bear eating berries - meant to show the city's growth and prosperity.

6. Madrid is one of "the greenest" and cloudless cities in Europe.

7. Real Madrid FC was the world's most successful football club in 20th century.

8. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Madrid has the oldest restaurant in the world that opened in 1725.

9. Madrid is the only city in the world that has a statue of the Satan and it's constructed 666 m above the sea level.

10. An urban legend says that taxi cars disappear when it rains because the drivers are not able to protects the cars from the rain!? :o

Nov 24, 2016

¡Hola Madrid!

Should I say that I visited Madrid probably over 20 times in my life or that I lived there from time to time, although I never had my name written on a specific Madrid address? I don't know. I just can tell you that the Spanish capital has played a huge role in my life and those stories I'd rather save for a book that I might or might not write one day because this girl likes to write. Yes, she does. But you know that. Or maybe we can chit-chat in a cozy cafe, here in Barcelona or somewhere else in the world and I could tell you why there is "a before" and "an after Madrid" in my life timeline? Time will tell...
     Well, here are the pictures that we took before our friends joined us in this quick little getaway. You'll see the Royal Palace (Palacio Real), we'll watch the sunset at the Temple of Debod, a real Egyptian temple in the heart of Madrid and probably our favorite spot in the city. We'll spend the evening in Gran Via, the most famous avenue of this Spanish beauty that always reminds me of New York and how much I love busy, cosmopolitan, city life and vibe, as much as I like escaping to the nature. Have you been in Madrid? Stay tuned for part 2 and 3.


Nov 17, 2016

Like a charm

The other day I showed you my new personalized jewelry from Soufeel. Today I'm showing it again, but this time on my wrist and neck. I already knew that these pieces would perfectly fit my everyday style and now I can say that Soufeel charm bracelet and necklace definitely work like a charm. Not only they give en effortless special touch, but they also beautifully blend in while appearing and disappearing around my hair and clothes. I just love the fact that you can make something that reflects your own taste, style and personality. Besides, they would make a great and original gift, too.
     If you decide to buy something at Soufeel, there is a free shipping for orders over 59 euros, 365 days return and exchange service. If you spend more than 60 euros, you can use a 5% coupon code - BLOG5.

Nov 15, 2016

From Andorra with love

Andorra. You already know how much I love you. You wake up my inner Heidi, you make me twirl the fringes of my poncho like a modern Pocahontas, you make me feel carefree like Maria from The Sound Of Music. Heidi and Maria were attached to the Alps in the same way that I've been attaching myself to the Pyrenees, and I'm so grateful for having them near and  for this possibility of changing the busy city and the sea for the mountain peaks and valleys. This type of nature resets me, restarts me, it calms me down, it gives me euphoria, it motivates me, it speaks right to my heart. Andorra is one of those places that you never ever want to leave, yet you want to, because it gives you that extra kick of energy that makes you so damn excited about your own life and even the dullest routine and problems that you know you're gonna solve. Until next time, Andorra! :)

Nov 13, 2016

Soufeel jewelry - Express yourself

Living in the world of massive production where the uniqueness and individuality are often masked, where we do the same things, wear the same clothes, buy the same things doesn't open a lot of space for being who we really are. Well, I'm trying to be 100% me and to express my (life)style through fashion and jewelry in this case. Once again, I had an opportunity to work with Soufeel, a famous American online jewelry brand specialized in charm bracelets and personalized jewelry made of 925 sterling silver, with high quality and low prices. 
     So I present you my new charm bracelet with 3 charms: an airplane, a camera and heart shaped photo of me and Ulises. Those 3 charms not only represent me, but also our relationship and our never ending desire for traveling and of course, photography, which is a huge part of our lives. 
     However, my favorite item from this Soufeel package was a personalized necklace with my name on it, also made of sterling silver. I've been wanting a necklace like that for as long as I can remember, but it's been always way too expensive for my taste. Now I finally have it and I couldn't be happier with it. Quality, beautiful design, durability, uniqueness, versatility. Nice way to show who you really are and express yourself.
     If you decide to buy something at Soufeel, there is a free shipping for orders over 59 euros, 365 days return and exchange service. If you spend more than 60 euros, you can use a 5% coupon code - BLOG5.


Nov 9, 2016

Andorra: Hike to the hidden lakes

The feeling of being in the right place at the right time while I'm sitting on a 2300 m high rock. I'm looking at 3 lakes called Tristaina, perfectly hidden and waiting to be seen only by few. Mountains make me calm, mountains are telling me that everything's gonna be alright. I trust them. Besides, aren't those hidden lakes the proof that difficult roads do lead to the most beautiful destinations?
     We're somewhere between Spain and France, in Andorra, a perfect tiny, little country and one of my favorite places in the world. I'm back where I'm happy. I'm back where I'm free. Beautiful, sunny and surprisingly warm day, magnificent mountains and waste space, still yellow but soon to be covered by snow. Fresh air, the most perfect saturated autumn colors, cows and wild horses, that special feeling of calm mixing with the adventurous spirit of mine that I cannot ever satisfy for very long time...

To be continued...
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