Jan 31, 2017


For the first time in my blogging career I'm collaborating with a Serbian brand - Lutkitza that comes from Belgrade, just like me :) Lutkitza is a variation of a Serbian word "lutka" - doll and one of those words that you can't really translate. Well, it is indeed a little doll, the center piece of a necklace that represents a personality and style of a person who wears it. Each "doll" - Lutkitza is 100% unique and handmade. 
     I fell in love with carefully designed details and endless imagination behind them and not to mention the feeling of the movement and life that these dolls have. As if you had your own marionette wearing something that you would wear as well. 
     Today I'm going to show you two of them. One is ladylike and yellow and represents my huge love for this color and the second one is burgundy with a fun chic twist, inspired by my party dress made of burgundy velvet that I've showed you last month. 

For more details, check out the info below:

Instagram: @lutkitza
Facebook: Lutkitza
Email: lutkitza@yahoo.com

...Find your own Lutkitza and be unique...

Jan 27, 2017

From Spain to Singapore

I easily get along with open-minded, "international" kind of people like myself and one them is Henna from Singapore, my fellow blogger who also considers herself a global citizen. We decided to join together and show you our winter/summer outfit proposals. Scroll down to see my winter in Spain inspired outfit and check out Henna's blog - The Travelaboratory for summer in Singapore vibes, exotic travels and inspiring (life)style in general. If you like my blog, you'll most likely like hers as well :)

Jan 24, 2017

Jaca, Spain

What used to be a city that I had never heard of, now is one of the places that we visit on regular basis. I'm talking about Jaca, Spanish mountain city known es "pearl of the Pyrenees". Not only there are plenty of options for dicovering the huge mountain area that surrounds it or trying some of the most famous Spanish ski centers, but you can stay right there in Jaca and emerge into 16th century while walking around the city's citadel that stands out in its huge pentagonal shape. Oh, and you might find some deers, too :) 

Jan 20, 2017

Pyrenees - Where the water falls

Water is something like magic, isn't it? It doesn't matter if it's an ocean, sea, river, lake, spring, artifical pond, ice-cold mountain waterfall or the simple yet incredible fact that we can enjoy all the benefits of this "liquid gold" while being at home or anywhere with the tap water. Water is a symbol of life. After all, we wouldn't be here without it. 
     So there we were, heading to this waterfall called Sorrosal above the little mountain village of Broto. I coulnd't stop wondering why I didn't bring any gloves, so I was mentally heating my hands while thinking how awesome it must be to jump into the water on a hot summer day, at the same time appreciating the fact that I could spend that day, the 1st of January, discovering another hidden corner of our beautiful planet, instead of recovering from some boring party that couldn't interest me less. I would always choose the waterfall.

Jan 16, 2017

Pyrenees - Postcards you cannot buy

Pyrenees mountains and family time. A lake as turqouise as Balearic beaches that I'm looking forward to revisit over and over again. Last day of 2016. Fresh mountain air that I want to bottle and breathe at 12 o'clock one day in August. Memories hidden in the real life postcards, the ones that you cannot buy but create for youself.


Jan 9, 2017

10 things I enjoy this winter

10 things I enjoy this winter:


Jan 4, 2017

Festive in Barcelona

Ok. So maybe you're tired of the festivites and the last thing you need is more sparkle, lights and all that stuff. Or maybe you're totally the opposite and already looking forward to next festive season. I'm somewhere in between, kind of wanting to stay cozy, warm and unproductive haha, but also to be more active and make sure to make this year even better than the last ones. Also, on Friday we celebrate Three Kings in Spain (Los Reyes Magos) - the day when Spanish children receive gifts and this weekend in my home country, Serbia, the majority of people celebrate Ortodox Christmas. So, festive Barcelona it is! :)
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