Jul 28, 2017

Mallorca, Spain (3) - Cala Mondragó


Beaches like Cala Mondragó are the best proof that here in Europe we also have paradise spots. They are the reason why I insist so much on Mallorca. Beaches like this will satisfy both lazy and active tourists. 

I definitely belong to the second group and if you're like me, you can swim, dive, go on a boat tour, walk to nearby beach of S'Aramador or even choose different hike routs. 

Highlight of the day - my little yoga session surrounded by pines, above small white boats floating in this turquoise paradise. Vitamin Sea and Vitamin D - 100% guaranteed!

My tips:

1. Be careful with the GPS. It'll try to take you to the restricted area. We didn't have that problem 2 years ago, but this time, that wasn't the case.
2. The beach belongs to the national park so the parking is not free and it's usually full. However, if you park 100 m before the parking area, you'll get plenty of free spots and you'll save both money and time. 

Jul 25, 2017

Mallorca, Spain (2) - Yellow dress in Portocolom

My love for yellow color and maxi dresses is one of those that never ever fades. If we mix those 2 with my favorite island, Mallorca - it's a match made in heaven.

These photos were taken in a quote zone of Portocolom, one of the oldest natural harbors in Mallorca, which was allegedly the birthplace of Cristopher Columbus (?) - hence the name of the town. The rocks above the sea and lighthouse in front made everything look like a scene from a movie...


Jul 19, 2017

Mallorca, Spain (1) - Cala Pi and Es Trenc


Since I live in Spain, I keep going back to one island, the one that more and more feels like home away from home. I'm talking about Mallorca and as much as I love her little sisters, Menorca and Ibiza, a barely 30 minutes flight keeps taking us there. Mallorca feels like déjà vu, yet its energy always brings me something different and unexpected. 
Today I'll show you a glimpse of two beaches that have nothing in common. The first one is small, narrow, hidden and surrounded with pines. These pines are the reason why its called Cala Pi (small coves are called calas and pi means "pine" in Catalan). We discovered it back in 2012 and since then a visit to Mallorca is never complete without it. 
The second one is wide, long, it has a Carribean feel and it's surrounded with sand dunes. That's Es Trenc and it's one of the most popular beaches on the island. Despite its popularity, it remains intact, authentic and somehow wild, due to the fact that it belongs to a national park. These two beaches are relatively near by car and also the first recommendation from these Mallorca series. 

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