Oct 31, 2015

October '15

1. Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy 2. Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy 3. When hubby reads my mind :) 4. Reminds me of my childhood

1. Cagliari 2.3. Blog: 30 years 4. One of the best series I've ever seen
1. 2. Blog: 30 years 3. Delicious figs 4. Warm autumn
1. 2. Me as a brand ambassador of The Fab Glasses 3. Summer in October 4. Beautiful roof of a bus station in Barcelona
Blog: Power walk
1. Simple as that 2. 3. Blog: Back to basics 4. Details from my home
1. 2. 3. Beautiful day in Montjuic, Barcelona 4. Lunch in Sitges, Spain
1.2.4. Sunday in Sitges 3. Blog: Pueblo Español
1. Sitges 2. Blog: Pueblo Español 3. Cloudy Barcelona 4. Blog: Princess skirt
1. Perfect gift from my dear Ivana 2.3. Blog: Princess skirt 4. Workout
1. Cancelled meeting means shopping :p 2.3.4. Blog: 70's
1. Just an ordinary day 2. Mini new in 3. Current read 4. Blog: Cagliari
1.2. Blog: Cagliari 3. Hubby brought them from Salzburg 4. 3 years of marriage :)))
1.2.4. Blog: Villasimius 3. This view never gets old
1. Sugar crash :p 2. 4. Blog: Sardinia: Pan di Zucchero 3. Packing for the weekend
1. Blog: Cagliari 2. On the road 3.4. Hello, Andorra! :)
Andorra: 1. Cozy night 2. Waking up with this view 3. "The hills are alive with the sound of music" 4. Beautiful autumn
Andorra: 1. Wild horses 2. Cute hotel 3.4. Incredible views from 2000 m above the sea level
1. 2.Andorra: Andorra la Vella - the capital of Andorra 2. Baby cow :) 3.4. Blog: last day in Cagliari
1. Andorra 2. Blog: last day in Cagliari 3. Finally updated the info about me and my blog 4. Blog: Orange
1. Andorra landscape 2.3. Blog: Orange 4. My Barcelona guide has been published in the Belgian edition of Flair Magazine :)



  1. All wonderful looks and photography.

  2. yummy food , beautiful locations and glasses look so pretty on you :)
    Keep in touch

  3. predivan pregled, baš je lijepo vidjeti sve ove fotografije na jednom mjestu....i čestitam još jednom na tri godine braka.

  4. Firstly - congrats on 3rd anniversary of the wedding, dear, it's great news :) What's more - I'm so happy of publishing your Barcelona guide in this Belgian magazine, it's a huge achievement :) As usually, you visited beautiful locations, this place in mountains look perfect on this time of the year, Tijana. Btw, I totally agree with the quote about moving! Hope you had great weekend, dear!


    1. Thank you so much, my dear :) You're so sweet and you always notice every single detail :) Yes, the mountains were such an incredible experience and I can't wait to show you more of them.
      I had a wonderful weekend, thank you. I hope you did, too :)

  5. Tu instagra es una verdadera joyita! Besos guap!

  6. Uspjela sam fulati ovaj post :( Uskoro ću zaboraviti kako se zovem... samo da više ozdrave i da se naspavam jednu noć i pišem ti kilometarski mail...

    <3 <3 <3 <<3 <3<3 ljubim te!

  7. Sad vidim da sam nekako uspjela fulati godišnjicu, jaooo! Pa želim vam od sveg <3 da mi još dugo, dugo ostanete tako guapissimi i sretni i nasmiješeni! :)) Jedva čekam Andora-postove, mislim da sam se već zaljubila :***

    1. Ma nema veze ;) Hvala ti puno u svakom slučaju :) Jao, videćeš uskoro koji je to raj. Ja bih tako živela tamo :)

  8. Predivnooo...nemam reci... :)))



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