Jul 2, 2013

The best of June

It's the beginning of July and I decided to make a small recapitulation of my June favorites, basically the best photos of the posts I did, cosmetics I liked and some random things. It's not going to be as I imagined but I will post it anyway. I like to see similar posts on the blogs I like and that's how I got the inspiration :)

So, here are my best shots of June:

1. Do what you love, love what you do

2. You're never fully dressed without smile

3. Terra Natura

4. Candelabra cave & Santa Pola

5. Coralicious

And now the cosmetics I liked in June:

1. Herbal Essences Shampoo - Suave y sedoso (Soft and smooth): 
Lovely shampoo, it really made my hair soft, the smell is great and it's very easy to wash out.

2. Candy Pink Shower Gel:
This shower gel is from H&M, and although I simply adoreeee H&M, I wasn't so sure I would like their cosmetic products. But I decided to give it a try and what attracted me the most is the lovely bottle, pink and so summery, girly, I don't know, I just love nice things always! :D The quality is not the best, it's too watery, but smells really great, don't know how to explain it, it's kind of an exotic smell but sophisticated at the same time, so yeah, I really liked it but wouldn't buy it again, I think...

3. Body butter Vanilla: 
I got this in the June edition of Spanish Cosmopolitan as a gift and it's so good, I love body butters, and the vanilla smell is one of my favorites! It's not sticky and stays on the skin the whole day. I would certainly buy it if I knew where to find it now :D

4. Body cream Frutos Rojos from Deliplus:
I've got it in Mercadona supermarket and it's sooo good! I love all the fruit smells in general and this cream has got a very strong one which I like and I could actually feel the smell hours and hours later!

5. Foot cream: Crema reperadora de grietas from Deliplus:
The same thing, from a supermarket, really cheap and surprisingly good! It works so much better than some expensive and famous products. My feet got so so soft the same day I tried it!

6. Balea face cream: Balea Young Soft & Care
One of the best face creams I've tried, the texture is so soft, the skin absorbs it immediately, the smell is kind of peachy, my face skin is not that demanding, it's between normal and mixed and it worked perfectly for me.

7. Face wash from the same collection, Balea Young Soft & Care:
I love this product and I've been using it for months! The smell is amazing, I think it's red grapefruit, the texture is really good, whit small red spots which work like peeling, although it's not for peeling and you need something else for it ;)

8. Garnier BB cream:
I know that many girls dislike this product but it works great for me and I don't want to change it! I'm not a huge fan of typical foundations, and this is something that makes my face immediately fresh, with soft color, really similar to my skin tone, covers what needs to be covered with a light texture, and it's not magical or anything but it's near! :)

9. H&M lip balm - Raspberry smile
The smell is amazing! It's not raspberry as it's supposed to be, but it's even better! It's not the best thing for taking care of your lips, but if you don't need some extra care and the smell, or should I say taste, it's important to you, I really recommended that one and any H&M lip balm.

10. Kiko base coat - strong nails:
I love Kiko, and it's so great having it here in Spain. It's the best base coat I've tried, it instantly hardens your nails and prevent them from getting yellow. I don't need to add any more information, because you get exactly what you want from it.

11. Claire's nail polish #115:
Love the color, it's kind of minty and the quality is really good which surprised me a lot, because other nail polishes from the same brand chip the very same day you put them on.

The book I loved: "Moja Španija" which means "My Spain", from one of my favorite Spanish writers, Azorín. It was a gift from my mum and I read it at the beach, in "my Spain" :) ;)

Once Upon A Time:
One of the best series I've seen! I'm not really into fantasy or similar things but this show is so good, it gets better and better every time I watch it. So if you want to know what happens with famous fairy tales after the happy ending you know what to do ;)

The Shop Around The Corner:
I'm a huge fan of old movies, classic Hollywood and all that stuff, and I saw this movie which is really cute and funny, and you would like it especially if you're into old movies like me :)

That's it for June! :) There were many many things I liked but can't show you everything because it would last forever and that's not the point! :) What things did you like in June? :)

Until next outfit post! :)


  1. Divan i sarenolik jun ;)

    Nazalost nisam probala nista od tvojih beauty favorita :)

  2. Pretty outfits! I especially adore your blue/pink plaid shirt - those are some amazing colour combinations! Wish I could get my hands on one like that, and I love your white top and yellow skirt outfit!


    1. Thanks a lot! :) I got the shirt in Stradivarus last winter, if that can help you ;)

  3. Estos post son encantadores, me encanta ver los diferentes looks que se han llevado!! por cierto, dónde consigues los productos de Balea???? yo sólo los consigo en Alemania, ¿se pueden comprar en España?

    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

    1. Sí, a mí me gustan mucho esos post y por eso decidí hacer uno :)
      Los compro en Serbia porque soy de ahí ;) Y me parece super raro de que aquí no haya ya que en España hay de todo!
      Besos, guapa!

  4. hey! this is an awesome post! :)
    would you like to follow eachother on Bloglovin and GFC? just let me know!


  5. 4. post, tacno ta slika ti je toliko genijalna,jos uvek sam pod utiskom!
    Sto se tice kozmetike, ovo h&m cudo, prelepoo kao i sva njihova labela :D.

    1. Spontane slike često ispadnu najbolje ;)
      I daaa, dođe mi da ih sve pojedem! :D

  6. Holaa todos los look bellos y con mucho color que me encanta !! besos :)

    1. Gracias! Y sí, por fin tenemos calor aquí! :)

  7. Que bonitos looks!!

  8. Lovely post dear :) I really liked to see the list of your June's favorites.
    (I'm one of the girls who doesn't really like Garnier's BB Cream. Mine smells to much like alcohol :/)


    1. Thanks, honey! :)
      Oh, that's strange, I couldn't say the same thing as you can imagine ;)

  9. Super post! I zanimljive proizvode si koristila. Ovaj Balein gel Young mi je odličan i baš sam nedavno probala tester Hansaplast foot expert kreme za stopala i piling (ne znam jel tog ima kod vas) i stvarno je odlično, isto ima ureu u sastavu :)

    1. Hvala ti! J Baleu mogu da nabavim samo kad sam u Beogradu, u Španiji uopšte ne posotoji! Hvala ti na preporuci, nisam sigurna da li ima, ali ću potražiti :) Urea je rešenje izgleda ;) :*

  10. un mes perfecto¡¡

  11. 7-i post je moj favorit. :) Divno! :)

  12. i like the first and eighth outfit


  13. I love your pink short, dear! <3

    I would like to personally invite you to join my GIVEAWAY!!! :)
    Please join my giveaway : http://sausanhanifah.blogspot.com/2013/06/persun-mall-summer-giveaway.html

    I hope you'll join my giveaway, your entries really make me sooo happy! Good luck :)

  14. lovely mix of pictures :) great summer style!!!

  15. Great post!

    Thank you! follow on Bloglovin back.

    Best wishes!

  16. I only can find 4 products in my country off the 11 products!!!


    1. It happens to me as well when I see something from other countries, even though I buy stuff both in Spain and Serbia :)

  17. beautiful pictures! Yoy are pretty women:)

    Kisses from Poland:)

  18. que monada de fotos!! me encantan!!


  19. Great stylish outfits, love them all <333 btw big thanks :D


  20. you look absolutely stunning!
    Love your Outfits& your style so much
    have a nice day!!<3

    1. Thanks a lot, Mona! :) Have a nice day as well! xx

  21. I liked the first two looks and the mint nails!

    I invite you to my giveaway if you're interested!
    --> Win $100 shopping spree-International Giveaway <--

  22. Genial el post!! Los looks super chulos todos:)
    Besos guapa.

    Serenity by Gemma

  23. This is absolutely the right time for June. And i really like your positive lifestyle. Appreciating everything of beauty. Nice long dress or skirts, they make our life different.

  24. Bas je veseo i saren jun :)
    Nisam probala nista od tvojih favorita sem Garnier BB kreme,ali u verziji za masnu kozu :)


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